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Details of: De Slag om de Schelde (The Forgotten Battle)

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In late 1944, tens of thousands of Allied and German troops fought each other on the Zeeland island of Walcheren. This war epic follows the paths of a Dutch boy, a girl from Zeeland and a lost English pilot. November '44. On the Zeeland island of Walcheren, tens of thousands of Allied and German troops fight each other. The roads of a Dutch boy fighting for the Waffen SS, a lost English pilot and a Zeeland girl who willy-nilly got involved in the resistance cross. They face crucial choices involving their personal and other people’s freedom. It turns out the boundary between right and wrong surely is not always clear-cut in this spectacular war drama about the largest operation on Dutch soil during World War II.
124 Netherlands Golden Film, Netherlands 2021. Nederlands Film Festival 2021: Best Costume Design, Best Sound Design, Best Production Design, Best Camera and Montage.
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