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Details of: Ze noemen me Baboe (They call me Babu)

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Alima is a fictitious young Javanese girl, a Babu who was embedded in a Dutch family, living and working with them for several years until 1942. That's when the Japanese invaded Indonesia, causing upheaval for the Dutch, and promising the Indonesians "liberation"/merdeka", a promise they did not fulfil. Things got worse, not better. Alima suddenly found herself alone again when all of her Dutch family were suddenly taken to prison camps and their house seized by the Japanese. Babu Alima had even returned to Holland with them during her time working for the family...On the journey she learned a lot about the world beyond Java, and marveled at how the Dutch family 'behaved the same everywhere, as if the world belonged to them. The narrator is Denise Aznam. Seldom shown archive pictures are shown.
78 Netherlands Nederlands Film Festival 2020, Winner Golden Calf: Best Editing (Beste Montage)-Ruben van der Hammen ; Best Documentary - Long (Beste Lange Documentaire)-Sandra Beerends Munich International Documentary Festival (DOK.fest) 2020: Winner Viktor Award Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2020: Winner Crystal Film Buma Music in Motion 2020: Winner Buma Award for Best Original Composition in Documentary, Short Film, Telefilm, and Animation-Alex Simu
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