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Details of: Komt een vrouw bij de dokter (Stricken)

or Dutch storyline

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Handsome Dutchman Stijn is the star of an advertising agency with his buddy Frenk and a hot womanizer. The boys start their own agency and Stijn marries colleague Carmen, who accepts his incurable greed for truly meaningless one-night-stands. Even fatherhood and a move to the boring country go well, until Carmen gets breast cancer. Now their lives are turned upside-down, maybe wrecked.
100 Netherlands Dutch Golden and Platin Film; Nederlands Film Festival 2010: Golden Calf Best Actor (Barry Atsma); Rembrandt Awards 2010: Best Actor (Barry Atsma), Best Dutch Actress ( Carice van Houten), Best Film (Reinout Oerlemans), Best Film Song (Dinand Woesthoff, Kane).
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