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Details of: Alles is familie (The Family Way)

or Dutch storyline

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All the members of the De Roover family have ended up at a point of no return in their lives where crucial choices have to be made. Winnie wants a child. Her husband Rutmer wants to get in touch with his feelings. His brother Charlie doesn't want any responsibilities. Their brother-in-law Dick wants his deceased wife back. Head of the family Arend wants to be happy. Mother Jeannette wants somebody to want her.
128 Netherlands Nederlands Film Festival 2013: Best Supporting Actor (Jacob Derwig); Rembrandt Awards 2013: Best Film, Best Dutch Actor (Thijs Römer), Best Dutch Actress (Carice van Houten), Best Film Song Bart van der Weide (singer)for the song "Racoon"; Platina award for more than 400,000 cinema visitors in the Netherlands.
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