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Title Genre Director IMDB Trailer
Redbad Drama Roel Reiné 5.6 Show Trailer
Ares Drama, Horror | TV Series (2020– ) 8 Episodes Giancarlo Sanchez, Michiel ten Horn 5.6 Show Trailer
Claustrofobia 2011 Thriller Bobby Boermans 5.6 Show Trailer
Filmpje! 1995 Action, Comedy Paul Ruven 5.5 Show Trailer
R U There 2010 Drama David Verbeek 5.5 Show Trailer
Flodder 3 1995 Comedy Dick Maas 5.5 Show Trailer
Club Zeus 2011 Drama David Verbeek 5.5 Show Trailer
De reünie (Murdered Memory) 2015 Thriller Menno Meyjes 5.5 Show Trailer
Niks vreemds aan (Nothing to worry about) Comedy Andrejs Ekis 5.5 Show Trailer
Sterke Verhalen (Strong Stories) 2010 Comedy Teddy Cherim 5.5 Show Trailer
APP 2013 Thriller Bobby Boermans 5.4 Show Trailer
Bon Bini Holland 2 Action, Comedy, Crime Jon Karthaus 5.3 Show Trailer
2/11 Het spel van de wolf (The game of the wolf) 2014 Drama, Thriller Thomas Korthals Altes 5.3 Show Trailer
Bon Bini Holland 3 Comedy Pieter van Rijn 5.3 Show Trailer
&ME 2013 Romance Norbert ter Hall 5.2 Show Trailer
Bringing up Bobby 2011 Comedy, Family Famke Janssen 5.2 Show Trailer
Toscaanse Bruiloft (Tuscan Wedding) Comedy, Drama, Romance. Johan Nijenhuis 5.2 Show Trailer
Femi Drama Dwight Fagbamila 5.2 Show Trailer
Blue Movie 1971 Drama Wim Verstappen 5.1 Show Trailer
Above Us All 2014 Drama, Family, History Eugenie Jansen 5.1 Show Trailer
Greencard Warriors 2014 Action, Drama, Romance Miriam Kruishoop 5.0 Show Trailer
Caged 2011 Psychological thriller Stephan Brenninkmeijer 5.0 Show Trailer
Toegetakeld door de liefde (Devastated by Love) 2013 Comedy, Drama Ari Deelder 5.0 Show Trailer
De eetclub (The Dinner Club) 2010 Thriller Robert Jan Westdijk 5.0 Show Trailer
Verliefd op Cuba Comedy, Drama, Romance. Johan Nijenhuis 4.9 Show Trailer
Vlees (Meat) 2010 Thriller Maartje Seyferth, Victor Nieuwenhuijs 4.9 Show Trailer
Smoorverliefd (Madly in Love) 2013 Comedy, Romance Hilde Van Mieghem 4.9 Show Trailer
Brownian Movement 2011 Drama, Romance Nanouk Leopold 4.8 Show Trailer
Verliefd op Ibiza (Loving Ibiza) 2013 Comedy, Romance Johan Nijenhuis 4.8 Show Trailer
Costa! 2001 Comedy, Romance Johan Nijenhuis 4.6 Show Trailer



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