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A selection of translated Dutch books into English. You can either search for an author (if in the database) or see the current listing of the database below. A comprehensive database of translated works is maintaintained by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The year is when it was first published in Dutch. The English version can be several years later.

Author Year
English Title Dutch Title Fiction
P.C. Emmer & Jos JL Gommans 2015 The Dutch Overseas Empire, 1600-1800 Rijk aan de rand van de wereld. N

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Current listing of the database in alphabetical order by author and year:

Author Year
English Title Dutch Title Fiction
Tommy Wieringa 2009 Little Caesar Caesarion Y
Tommy Wieringa 2005 Joe Speedboat Joe Speedboot Y
Tonke Dragt 1962 The Letter for the King De brief voor de Koning Y
Vincent Bijlo 2017 The Institute Het instituut Y
Willem Elsschot 1957 Collected works Verzameld werk Y
Willem Elsschot 1942 The Mammoth Tanker Het tankschip Y
Willem Elsschot 1940 The Lion Tamer De leeuwentemmer Y
Willem Elsschot 1938 The Leg Het been Y
Willem Elsschot 1937 Pension Pensioen Y
Willem Elsschot 1933 Cheese Kaas Y
Willem Elsschot 1924 Soft Soap Lijmen Y
Willem Elsschot 1921 Deliverance De verlossing Y
Willem Elsschot 1921 A Disappointment Een ontgoocheling Y
Willem Elsschot 1913 Villa des Roses Villa des Roses Y
Willem Frederik Hermans 1966 Beyond Sleep Nooit meer slapen Y
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